This Support Page will be a platform where you will gain knowledge, facts and information to help you with your goals.

We have a range of FAQ's (frequently asked questions) that will be updated onto this page  weekly.

We want to help you as much as we can and if this is just going away from here understanding an answer from a question you was unsure about we have done our job. 


4 great calorie efficient, filling and high volumed snacks.


  1. 0% Total Greek Yoghurt - 100g = 57kcal

  2. Watermelon - 300g = 99kcal

  3. Fresh Blueberries - 100g = 57kcal

  4. Caramel Fibre One Bar - 1 Portion = 87kcal

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This is a question that you may hear a lot.


What is the best type of training for fat loss, wight training or cardio ?


The best thing is a CALORIE DEFICIT. Without this it doesn't matter how much of both types of training you're doing.

To achieve any fat loss result we need to be in a calorie deficit and mastering energy balance, this is where you're eating less and expending (burning) more!


Yes weight training and cardio are two different types of training and both provide different things:

Weight training makes us stronger, offsets muscle wastage, strengthens our tone which will help you from getting injured.

Cardio helps you become a lot more active, keeping you fit.


There are many people that are solely lovers of weight training or solely lovers to cardio which is completely fine however we need the larger population in the middle liking both types of training so that you will be getting the best of both training types which will help you achieve the best results.


Wanting to lose body fat...... Move more and eat less.

it doesn't matter what type of moving you do


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This is a massive question that is frequently asked.

As a quick answer breakfast is not major, it isn't the most important meal of the day, you don't have to have it and it doesn't "kick start" fat loss.

Breakfast like every other meal it is preference to the individual.
If you like having breakfast or if you don't, either way it is fine as long as you are able to maintain good habits throughout the day and keep in line with your total amount of calories.

Having breakfast realistically could fill you up throughout the morning, keeping you on track with the amount of meals you set yourself and prevent the mid morning snacking at work.

On the other hand, not having breakfast shortens the time frame to which you consume your calories throughout the rest of the day.
This could, for some people create hunger towards the evenings or could be a great method that they could consistently stick to going forward to help them achieve their gaols.

Deciding whether or not to have breakfast is completely up to the individual and whatever option you take I can tell you there isn't a right or wrong one!

The most important thing to do is try it out, there is no harm to give it a go, its trial and error.

See if you like it, if it works for you and your current lifestyle and goals.

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Here are 3 main points that you can take away and implement from below to prevent you from suffering from feeling hungry whilst looking to loss weight.


  1. Protein - Protein is the most satiated macronutrients that we can eat. This means that having a sufficient amount of it will keep you feeling fuller for longer. Can you try and install some sort of protein within the first meal of your day ?


  2. Food Volume - The volume within our meals, how dense are your meals ? This will help massively with keeping you feeling full.

Think colour, Fruits and Vegetables, these types of food sources fill up our cut to a much higher percentage.

Now this mean we can consume a large amount of these food types (fruit and veg) and still consume a small amount of calories.


  3. Are you trying to RUN before you can WALK ? What do I mean by this, are you putting yourself into a really strict diet plan where by you're thinking the stricter the deficit the quicker the results. This isn't the case.

You need to be patient with the process and find what works best for you, suits your lifestyle and something you can sustain and be consistent with over a long period of time.


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This can be a common question that gets asked many times.

The answer to this question differs hugely depending on the person and their goals.

However its not about what we should be eating its more about how much!

The biggest problem that many people will have is they're consuming far too many calories coming in. Now of course the quality of our diet is an important part but the most important thing before jumping into drastic nutritional changes its about plugging, making a stop to the increased amount of calories being consumed, this is the problem. 

Once the problem is plugged and stopped then we have a better platform to work on to then look to improving food quality.

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