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"Wanna take this time to give a massive thank you to SC CONDITIONING for giving me life changing results. 

Over lockdown I had put a lot of weight on and was really out of shape and was no where near what I wanted to look like.
I approached @scconditioning who supplied me with personalised training to follow and nutritional plans/templates which were completely structured to me. 

Can’t thank Seb enough"



"I started with Seb when the gyms opened again after lock down when I saw the results my friend had made with him.

I've always done the typical weight loss programmes but always found the weight came off but never stayed off. I was never really happy with my shape afterwards and didn't excercise at all! I'd gotten really down about my apperance and hated photos of myself being taken and hated getting dressed up for a night out. 

In 6 weeks Seb has changed my way of thinking about food/exercise and seeing this as a lifestyle change and not a diet. The results I have got in these 6 weeks are amazing and have boosted my confidence so much im now loving what I'm seeing.

I highly recommend Seb!"





"I found Seb over 10 weeks ago from a recommendation from another of his clients and I’m so glad I sent that initial email.

Seb is so passionate about what he does it’s infectious and to see how far I have come in just over 10 weeks I’m amazed In myself, he’s given me the confidence and knowledge In nutrition and training to know that I can achieve my goals, I have so much more energy and confidence in my training now I can’t wait to see myself in another 10 weeks time 

Thank you Seb.”